Ready to Assemble furniture, also known as flatpack furniture, can be a major headache, especially if you have multiple pieces needing assembly. 

We can assemble any item of furniture you may need, including dressers, beds, end tables, wardrobes, chairs & entertainment centers.  No job is too small or too large.  

Have an office full of new furniture boxes?  We can assemble your office furniture too! Need cubicle walls reconfigured?  Call us!

Hire On-Site Assembly Pros for your home & office furniture assembly needs.
We will ensure that your furniture is assembled correctly for a reasonable cost, and provide a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

You've ordered your new treadmill.  The delivery date arrives, and the driver drops off a huge packing box in your living room.  

Now what?

Give us a call.  We'll help you select a location for your new treadmill, assemble it for you and lubricate/adjust the walking belt.  We can even haul away the packing trash for a small additional charge.

Does your treadmill need maintenance or repair?  We can handle that too. We can set up a preventative maintenance plan that fits your schedule & budget.

We can also set up your new elliptical trainer, fitness desk, exercise bike or home gym.  

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In-Ground Basketball Hoop Installation

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Placing and assembling outdoor play sets is a major undertaking, with many things to consider: 

  • Is the desired location large enough to provide a safety buffer around the play set?  Most play set manufacturers recommend a minimum of 6 feet of buffer space on all sides of a play set.  Swings require significantly more. 
  • Is the desired location level? The play set must sit level on the ground for maximum safety. Often, digging or shimming is required to bring the surface to a level condition. 
  • Do you have the time / skills / desire to complete the play set assembly? Play sets can consist of literally thousands of individual parts. For someone facing a project of the magnitude for the first time, it can be a daunting prospect. 

Does this sound like something you want to take on yourself?  

Hire On-Site Assembly Pros for your play set assembly.  We will help you select the site.  Then we will assemble and anchor the play set.

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Installation of an in-ground basketball hoop system involves two steps:

  1.  Dig a hole (up to 24" square by 48" deep), pour concrete (up to 3/4 ton) & set the basketball hoop anchoring system.
  2. Mount the post, upper & lower arms, lift system, backboard (up to 300lbs) & rim/net.

We have the expertise & specialized equipment to install your in-ground basketball system quickly & safely.

We also assemble portable systems